Prospective Member Outreach

Our members welcome new employees at new member orientation and show why our activism makes a union difference and how our dedication to serve our communities is why we never quit.

When workers stand together, the direction of our lives changes dramatically for the better. From wages to paid leave, from safety to retirement, studies prove over and over how much of a difference unions make for workers who raise their voices as one.

The key difference is that when workers have a union, we are able to share decision making power with our employer and are able to negotiate a contract that spells out all our wages, benefits and working conditions. But without a union, the employer maintains all the power and we have little say in our jobs.

Union Membership Registration: Membership Card - Public Sector

New Employee Brochure: Electronic Brochure

AFSCME/New Employee Meeting Schedule: 1st week of each month - Duluth (Tuesday) | Virginia (Wednesday) | Hibbing (Thursday) 

Council 5 AFSCME: Union Difference

Council 5 AFSCME: Member Benefits (Discounts)